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Past Episodes

TJS S3E1 The Evolution of American Zionism, part I

Season 3 opens with a long awaited introduction to the American chapter of the Jewish Story. This first segment traces the back story of the three waves of Jewish immigration to American and explores the tension between assimilation and ethnic solidarity. Help me make history by becoming a patron at

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Three things which divide the stories of American and Israeli Jews

Everybody is talking about the relationship between American and Israeli Jewry – is the romance over? are we headed for a breakup? This relationship will be central to the Jewish Story in season three, so here is an exploration of where their separate narratives in two parts – Rav Mike’s thoughts and an interview with...

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S2 Epilogue: The re-emergence of Jewish political theology and messianism in 1948

What better way to wrap up season two than to talk about the messiah? Here is an exploration of the power of the messianic idea and its centrality to Jewish thought. It also includes the introduction of political theology to our discussion, in light of the birth of the State of Israel.

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TJS S2 Interlude: Who is Rabbi Mike Feuer and why is he telling the Jewish story?

Every story has a teller, and a good listener knows that you can’t really separate the two. In this podcast, Rav Mike sits down with his old friend and founder of Aleph Male, Eitan Ben Avraham, and answers Eitan’s curious questions about Mike’s childhood, formative years, how Mike ended up living in Israel becoming a...

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